Tribal Museum – A peek into the tribal culture
Tribal Museum and Artifacts

Tribal Museum – A peek into the tribal culture

The Tribal Museum of Bhubaneswar is at the CRP Square in Bhubaneswar and came into existance in 1953. Today the exhibition hall is a significant site of traveler enthusiasm as it gives a knowledge into the life of a tribal. It displays replicas of huts of various tribal groups along with a variety of artifact collected from various regions of Odisha.

Odisha has more than 60 tribal groups which adds to the importance of this special museum.
The tastefully fabricated historical center should be on your visit list in the event that you are in Bhubaneswar. It depicts the lifestyle of tribes which includes their clothing, food habits, ornaments and other items of daily use. The gallery likewise shows replicas of Tribal residences and antiques.

The tribal museum at Bhubaneswar is divided into 5 separate corridors. Each portraying an aspect from the lifestyle of the tribes. The Museum as of now houses more than 2,200 items. There are dresses and decorations, dokra items, musical instruments, hunting weapons, fishing nets, farming tools and every day use items.The ringa of the Bonda tribe, phute saree of the Santhals and gatungkap of Lanjia Saora can be seen at the gallery. It also showcases the tribal deities which reflects there spiritual belief and divine touch.

The gallery shows components of anthropological intrigue and gives an understanding on the various phases of evolution of tribal culture. You can also visit the library which will be a great source of information regarding tribal life.The museum displays elements of anthropological interest and gives an insight on the different stages of evolution of tribal cultures.

You will also find shops selling souveniers and eateries in the museum premise. A visit to tribal museum of Bhubaneswar with your family and friends will definitely be something to remember for long.

Timings and entry to Tribal museum, Bhubaneswar

Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM, Closed on Mondays & National Holidays

Entry: Free

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    This is a gem of a place in Bhubaneswar to visit.

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    Hi Kingshuk,

    You are correct. If you are looking to learn about Odisha tribal culture, then this is a must visit place.


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