Places to visit in Cuttack
Maa Cuttack Chandi Temple

Places to visit in Cuttack

Places to visit in Cuttack that you cannot miss

Barabati Stadium - the pride of Cuttack

Cricket match happening atBarabati stadium - A magnificent stadium in Cuttack is one of the top tourist places in Cuttack
Barabati stadium

If you are looking for places to visit in Cuttack, you must start with the visit to this giant stadium. Barabati stadium is Known to be the pride of Cuttack as well as the state of Odisha. Moreover this venue has been the center stage of many world famous sporting events along with several cultural events. This is one of the oldest stadiums in India and has seen several great sports personalities as it’s guest. Also It takes the pride to hold only the third one-day international in this country, in January 1982. Then India beat England by five wickets to lift the series 2-1. Also This stadium has flood lights and is a regular venue for several sporting events of international stature other than cricket. Barabati stadium is a witness to countless unforgettable historic moments. Most famous being the great Kapil Dev taking his 300th test wicket here.

An amazing scene that you can see is the gathering of  local people just outside the stadium almost during the entire day. This gathering is popularly called as the “Khatti culture” by the locals. Considered not only as a place of relax, but also a very important place for the exchange of information and ideas. So if possible, try to be a part of the “Khatti” and enjoy the evening.

Barabati Fort - Witness to the history of Cuttack

Entry gate of Barabati Fort the iconic structer in Cuttack and a must visit for tourists
Barabati Fort

This Fort is long-standing as a silent witness to the great history of this city. Rulers of the Ganga dynasty built this fort in the 13th Century. Now only the ruins of this fort exist, once a nine-storied palace. The forts entry gate is the best-preserved part that is visible today. This reminds the people of the golden days of this ancient city. It spreads over an area of approx 102 acres and surrounded on all sides with a stone-paved moat. Looking at the historical importance it carries, the archaeological Survey of India declared this site as a protected site in 1915.

Several dynasties like the Afghans, Mughals, Marathas and British have ruled this city for decades. Cuttack was the capital of Odisha until it was shifted to Bhubaneswar in the year 1948.

The Beautiful Ansupa Lake

Water filled Ansupa Lake - Beautiful Lake close to Cuttack a famous picnic spot near Cuttack
Ansupa Lake

In case that you are looking for a short trip from Cuttack for a relaxing day close to nature, Ansupa lake is the perfect place. Situated in Banki, about 40 km from Cuttack is one of the top places to visit near Cuttack. This is a freshwater lake spread in about 141 hectares. Popular among the locals as a great picnic spot, and activities like boating are available for tourists.

Odisha Govt. is now taking interest to promote this place as a tourist destination. It is taking several steps to beautify this place and is focusing on the comfort of tourists as well. This small but picturesque lake is slowly but steadily making its presence feel in the map of Odisha tourism. Some bamboo cottages are made on the top of Saranda hill for tourist relaxation. The state highway passes close to Ansupa lake which makes it easy to reach and connect to places like Banki and Athagarh. So keep this place in your list of must-see when visiting Odisha.

Dhabaleswar - The island Temple

White painted beautiful Dhabaleswar temple is one of the best places to visit in Cuttack
Dhabaleswar Temple

This temple is well known for the shrine of Lord Shiva that remains on a hillock in the river Mahanadi. Situated in an island on the river this temple is around 37 km from Cuttack city. The temple is adorned with stone carvings that goes back to the mid tenth and eleventh century. According to historians, King Purusottam Dev built this temple in middle of river Mahanadi with intention that his queen Padmabati could adore lord Shiva. “Harihara Pitha” is the other name of this sacred shrine, as mentioned in the ancient writings.

This temple is in a beautiful scenic place. Moreover the surrounding here is quite natural and soothing to the eyes. The most famous festival observed here is the “Bada Osha”. Lakhs of devotees come to this place on “Bada Osha” for the blessings of the deity. Biggest attraction of this place is the suspension bridge. This is the longest suspension bridge in India at present and this connects the mainland to the island. However visitors can either use this bridge to reach the temple or can take boat or ferry rides. Reaching the temple is nothing less than a adventure in itself, be it the ferry ride or a walk through the suspension bridge.

Anahat and Dakhina Kabat - The Mystery Caves

Entrance of Anahat CaveBanki, a small town located close to Cuttack boasts some of the most interesting tourists spots in the state of Odisha. The “Charchika Temple” along with the beautiful “Ansupa Lake” and the “Chandaka elephant sanctuary”are few of the popular tourist places in Banki. However, most of us are unaware of this hidden treasure, the “Anahat and Dakhina Kabat” caves which are more tha 4000 years old and dates back to the stone and copper age. Read More..

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