Nandankanan Zoological Park-Bhubaneswar

Sambar Deer at Nandankanan Zoological park Bhubaneswar

Nandankanan Zoological park

If you love nature and animal’s, then Nandankanan Zoological Park near Bhubaneswar is definitely a no miss place for you. A visit to this place will bring all your childhood memories to life. This is the place to make your children learn to love and respect the mother nature. Definitely one of the best place for a perfect weekend spent with your loved one’s close to Bhubaneswar.

Nandankanan Zoological Park spreads in 437-hectare (1,080-acre) and has a beautiful botanical garden in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. Established in 1960, it opened for the public in 1979. In 2009, it became the first zoo in India to join World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). The botanical garden has a huge veriety of flora and fauna and houses some very rare medicinal plants. Nandankanan which literally means The Garden of Heaven, lies quite close to Bhubaneswar, in the backdrop of the Chandaka forest. It also includes a 134-acre (54 ha) Kanjia lake.

It saw a major upgrade in 2000, after the super cyclone of 1999 had a devastating impact in the  coastal regions of Odisha. More than 3.3 million visitors visit Nandankanan every year.

Animals and Exibits at Nandankanan

The zoo is home to about 1660 individual animals representing 166 species. It includes 67 species of mammals, 81 species of birds, and 18 species of reptiles. The major attraction of this zoo is the large number of White tiger’s along with other animals. However It has also been running several successful projects of breeding rare and endangered animals in captivity including the famous white tiger . These program’s have been acclaimed world wide because of the result it has achived.

There are 34 Aquaria’s within the Zoo which are home to a large variety of fresh water fish. The Reptile park houses numerous species of crocodiles, lizards, turtles, and snakes. There is also a plan to set the largest Orchid House of Odisha soon within the premises.

Nandankanan also has a very unique “adopt an animal” programme in which they encorage general public to adopt an animal or bird of choice. Fund received under this programme is used for the Zoo’s care along with providing quality food and medication to it’s inhabitants.

If you visit this place with your family or friend’s, you can make arrangements for cooking also.  Also there are places within the park to cook which you can avail by paying a nominal fee. Else you have small eateries within the zoo where you can try some snacks. Alternatively, there are few Dhabas and restaurants within the close proximity of the park to satisfy your taste buds with some local Vegetarian or non-Vegetarian Cuisine.

Love Story Of Tigress “Kanan”

A famous love story of a wild tigress prevails here and mesmerizes the listeners. In 1967, a wild tigress from the near by Chandaka forest attracted by male tiger “Pradeep” jumped into his open air enclosure. She was named “Kanan” by the authorities of the Zoo. But unfortunately “Pradeep” couldn’t accept her although she sacrificed her freedom for ever. It is said that, Kanan also never accepted any other male partner and lived here until death in July 1978.

Nandankana zoological park Timings

Nandankanan Zoological park is open for visitors from 07:30AM till 17:30PM. However, it remains closed on Monday’s.

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