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We firmly believe that a touch of nature can comfort your soul to the extent that none other can do. We bring you a list of best waterfalls in Odisha where you can enjoy a day off. Majestic cascades falling off of towering mountain cliffs have always mesmerized onlookers. Mostly surrounded with lush green forests, these waterfalls are a wonder of nature.
The roaring sound of these waterfalls along with the mesmerizing sights is bound to take you to another world of serenity. Most of these waterfalls in Odisha are still untouched  by crowding tourists. 

Barehipani Wateralls

Barehipani is Odisha’s highest waterfall and is situated in Mayurbhanj district. Falling from a height of 400 Meters, it is also raked as the second highest waterfall in India. Surrounded by lush green forest and high mountain cliffs, visitors can also expect some wildlife as situated within the Similipal national park. If lucky, one can see some Wild elephants, Indian bison or even a Bengal tiger. This waterfall gives a magnificent sight on full moon nights.

Best time to visit: Travelers can plan the visit during the months of October to June to get the best sight of Barehipani falls. Suggest to wait until sunset to get the best glimpse.

This waterfall is within the core are of Similipal national park. Hence it is advisable to start early in the morning so that you can reach by afternoon and enjoy the rest of the day. 

Duduma Wateralls

Duduma waterfalls is in Koraput district of Odisha. It is well known as one of the most visited picnic spots in southern Odisha. This waterfall is about 175 meters in height and is formed by the river called Machkund. This river supplies water to Machkund Hydro Electric Power Project. The lush green forest and high hills surrounding this waterfalls is a treat to watch. This waterfall has two sub waterfalls, one falling on the Andhrapradesh side and the other in Odisha.

Best time to visit: Best time to visit this beautiful waterfalls is from October to January.

If you are planning a visit, recommend to start early so that you can reach by afternoon. Since there are tall trees and is a hilly area, it gets dark quite early. Hiring a private vehicle is highly recommended as you have the luxury to stop by on the way to view the scenic beauty all along. Decent accommodations and guest houses can be found near the Hydro project which is 2-3 Kms from the falls.

Pradhanpat Waterfalls

Pradhanpat Waterfalls is at a distance of only 1 Kms from the town of Deogarh. This place is an asset to Deogarh and contributes a lot to it’s tourism. Pradhanpat waterfalls has always been the first attraction for tourists to Deogarh. It not only attracts visitors from Odisha but also from other states as well. The Shakti Peetha of Maa Pradhani and temple of lord Champakaswar adds to the significance of this place. The beauty and serene of this place gives peace to the soul of visitors.

Best time to visit: Like most other waterfalls, the best to visit this place is during or just after monsoon. Since it is very close to the town, one can easily reach this place during any time of the day. 

Significant historical places like Basant Nivas, the magnificent guest house built by  Raja Satchidananda Tribhuban Deb are within close proximity of the falls. Besides these, Pantha Nivas of Deogarh and forest guest house are also located near by. Since 1996, this place has been hosting the famous Pradhanpat annual Utsav. This festival becomes a stage for several teams from all over India to showcase their talent. During this festival, an attractive pallishree mela is also organized with several stalls for local traders to sell there products which are mostly handmade. This place ranks as one of the best waterfalls in Odisha.

Joranda Waterfalls

Joranda waterfalls is yet another beautiful fall located in the core area of Similipal reserve in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha. Both Joranda and Barehipani falls are located at close proximity. Hence both can be visited in a day’s plan. It is ranked at 19th position in the list of highest waterfalls in India. This is a single stream waterfall and drops from a height of 150 Meters. It is surrounded by tall trees and makes it a picture perfect place for visitors. Joranda fall attracts a lots of visitors as they experience a relaxing and stunning view of this wonder of nature. The added attraction is the jungle safari which in itself is an amazing experience.

Best time to Visit: October to February is the best time to visit Joranda falls.

Nearest bus stop and railway station is at Baripada. It is advisable to book a taxi for comfort in travel although regular bus service is also available. This place is at a distance of qpprx. 300 Kilometers from the capital city of Bhubaneswar.

Khandadhar Waterfalls

Khandadhar Waterfall is located in the Sundargarh district of Odisha. It is at a distance of 104 Kms from Rourkela and 132 Kms from Keonjhar . One can reach there via Bonaigarh from Rourkela. A single stream drops from a height of 244 Meters and gives it the shape of a sword. Khanda in Odia language literally means sword. Hence it got the name Khandadhar waterfalls. This fall is surrounded by thick forest which adds to the beauty of this place. The forest here is abundantly gifted with large variety of flora and fauna which attracts a large number of travelers from all around the state and out side also. 

Reaching here can be a bit of a pain, but definitely it is worth taking the pain.  The scenic beauty of this place can be a treat to the eyes and you can feel the fresh air once you reach here. This place is one of the favorite picnic spots for  the locals. One can easily spend a day here with friends and loved one’s in the laps of mother nature.

Best time to visit: Like most other waterfalls in Odisha, the best time to visit Khandadhar waterfall’s is from October to february. However one can visit this place all round the year.

Once at this place, a small itinerary can be followed to visit some other neary by places like “Tensa” and  “Gudguda”. Both these places regularly find a place in the plan of travellers visiting Khandadhar because of their natural beauty.

Sanaghagara Waterfalls

Sanaghagara waterfalls is a famous picnic spot among locals and tourists alike. It is located in Keonjhar district of Odisha and only at a distance of about 8 Kms from Keonjhar town. This place has got its name Sanaghagara because in Odia language “Sana”means small and “Ghagara” means waterfall. It is easily accessible as it lies close to the NH-6.  

It is a small but beautiful waterfall. Water falls from a height of only approx. 25 Meters, however the roaring sound of the fall can stun anyone. 

Several steps have been taken by local authorities to popularize this place and boost tourism. Barricades have been made for the safety of tourists. A well managed parking place is also available for all kinds of vehicles. Most of the tourists visiting Keonjhar make sure that this place is included in their itinerary.

Putudi Waterfalls

Nature lovers look for naturally blessed places when it comes to choose a spot for spending a day away from the crowded city life. What better than a place which has a beautiful waterfall? Putudi is one such place in Kandhamal district, which fulfills all criteria of being a perfect weekend getaway spot. Lying at a distance of 16 Kms from Phulbani town, it is one of the top waterfalls in the state and a famous picnic spot as well. Watching river Bada Salunki flowing through the rocky beds and falling from a height of 60ft creates an enchanting view for the onlookers. Moreover, high hills and dense forest surrounding this place creates a panoramic view and attracts lots of tourists round the year. 

Best time to visit:

Best time to visit this place is after the monsoon season that is from October to February. This place is open for tourists during the day time only. Hence start early to reach this place and enjoy the day.

Distance from Bhubaneswar is 221 Kilometers and the nearest railway station is Berhampur. Nearest bus station is at Phulbani. However it is advisable to book a cab or taxi any of these places to reach at your own comfort.

Badaghagara Waterfalls

Yet another spectacular waterfall of the state is the “Badaghagara waterfall”. Adjacent to Keonjhar town, this waterfall lies amidst a lush green forest environment. Falling from a height of 100 ft, this waterfall is quite popular among tourists, picnicors & weekend holidayer alike. Badaghagara waterfall lies only at a distance of 10 Kilometers from Keonjhar town and is home to rare species of flora and fauna. Also it is a perfect place to study tribal life as several tribal groups stay close to this place. River “Machhakandana” falling in a single drop creates this waterfall and is a perennial waterfall. Another famous waterfall “Sanaghagara” lies within close proximity to this place. “Badaghagara” is at the upper hill region of “Sanaghagara”. 

Best time to Visit:

Visitors and picnic parties throng this place during the winters which is the best time to visit this place. 

Distance from Bhubaneswar, which is the nearest airport is 207 Kms. Nearest bus and railway station are at Keonjhar. However taxi and cabs are also available from Keonjhar town for a comfortable trip to this place.

Khasada Waterfalls

Located in “Gajapati” district of Odisha, Khasada waterfalls is one of the most prominent waterfalls in the state. The scenic beauty of this waterfall attracts lot of travelers round the year. It  is located at a distance of only 5 kilometers from Chandragiri and is an ideal picnic spot. The forests and rocky terrains make it a preferred place for day excursion. The water here is crystal clear (except in mons0on) and is too deep either. Hence carry your bathing gear as a bath here will rejuvenate your body and soul. The waterflow is constant round the year, hence can be visited anytime. Some small shops do sell snacks and water bottles. However, it will be a good idea to carry your own stuff. 

Best time to visit:

Best time to visit this place is from October to March although this place sees footfall round the year. 

The nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar which is at a distance of 265 Kms. Nearest railway station is at Berhampur. Taxi and cabs are available for hire from Berhampur. There are quite a few tourist attractions nearby like Taptapani hot water spring and Jeerang Monestary.