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What makes a great beach vacation depends on a traveler. Some like happening beaches with lots of activities, open stretches of sand and a throng of crowd to watch. While other like calm and quite shorelines with calm water. But yes, a dream beach vacation is some thing that comes into the mind of most of the people while planning a trip. We bring the list of top beaches in Odisha.

Being a coast line state, Odisha boasts of many beautiful beaches. The beaches in Odisha offers everything that a traveler can think of.

List of best beaches in Odisha

Puri Sea Beach

One of the most sought tourist attraction of Odisha is the Puri beach. Also famous as the “Golden beach”, It lies on the shore of Bay of Bengal. It is one of the best beaches in Odisha and attracts a lot of tourist from all over. Puri is famous as the home to Lord Jagannath. Moreover it is one of the four dhams in India. Hence it is a sacred place for the followers of Hinduism. Tourists numbering in lakhs visit this place every year. Beach of Puri is one of the best family beaches in India. The golden color sands, the crashing waves, throngs of crowd and the scenic sunset is what one can fall in love with. However, the best thing is it has two parts. One is upto “Swargadwar”, always full of crowd and the other is beyond that which is quite lonely and tranquil. 

Things to do

Most of the times the beach up to “Swargadwara” is full of crowd. One can see tourists thronging in and out of the water and families simply sitting and enjoying the scene. There are not many activities to do here. However some shopping can be put on the list. Every now and then you one can see local vendors selling goodies like conchs, shells or even souvenirs. However a proper market comes into life at the dawn. Hundreds of make shift stalls start selling gift items and souvenirs in these shops. Also, one can find lots of food stalls selling local cuisine and quick snacks. Definitely one of the best place to enjoy some delicious sea food. Many hotels are available here at a walk-able distance in case one decides to stay close to the beach for few days.

Part of the beach after “Swargadwar” is quite lonely and tranquil. Hence, becomes and automatic choice for travels looking for some peace and calmness. One can also see beautiful sand arts by expert artists on the beach. Another attraction of this place is the famous “Puri dance festival” which happens in the month of November. This beach comes into festive mood during this period. Many renowned cultural groups and thousands of visitors participate in this festival. Hence try to visit this beach during November to experience the beauty of this place.

Talasari Beach

This beach is the last beach in Odisha towards North and is in the Balasore district of Odisha, India. It is a pristine and serene beach and is blessed with spectacular beauty. However this beach is little known even to the people of Odisha. Talasari is a beach which can easily refresh your soul and senses. This beach has lots of tall palm and coconut trees in rows. Tala in Odia means palm and Sari means rows. Hence the name “Talasari”. It is only at a distance of 36 Kms from Jaleswar and the famous Digha beach is only at a distance of 7 Kms. 

Unlike any other beach in Odisha, the water at this beach is quite calm. However, when the tide is high, one can only reach the main beach by boat. Most of the times, crowd at this beach is very less. Hence beach lovers who like quite and calmness are sure to like this place. Also there are several fisherman’s village close to this beach who depend on this sea for livelihood. 

Things to do

There are not many activities to do at this place. However one simply walk around this serene beach or keep watching the ever running red crabs which are an absolute treat to eyes. Even one can check the local market to taste some delicious and fresh sea food caught by the local fisherman. Also one can hire a local boat and enjoy the adventurous high tides.

The nearest railway station is Jaleswar and the nearest airport is at Kolkata. One can also hire local transport easily to reach this place. Hence if you are looking for a calm and virgin beach, Talasari is one of the best beachs in Odisha to visit.

Chandipur Beach

Balasore is a coastal district and has several beautiful beaches of Odisha. It lies at a distance of only 16 Kms from Balasore. Moreover it has an uniqueness attached to its name. It can come forward by almost 5 kilometers during high tide and recede back 5-6 Kilometers during low tide. Hence it is quite popular as the “vanishing sea”. This phenomenon occurs twice a day. Not only this receding sea gives an opportunity to walk a long distance on the sea bed, but also several adventure lovers take this opportunity to drive through there bikes and cars into the sea bed. The beauty of this place lies in the sand dunes, rocky coast and lots of casuarina trees. Tourists can enjoy the receding and preceding of water along with some spectacular scenic beauty here. Hence it is growing in popularity among tourists since last few years. 

Things to do

Chandipur is quite unique due to its wide range of biodiversity. This beach is home to large variety of fishes, the rare horseshoe crabs along with the beautiful red crabs. Along with the walk through the seabed, what a tourist can enjoy is the sea food here. Yes, Chandipur is famous for its sea food. Hence enjoy some mouth watering fresh and local sea food during a visit to this place.

However the most important feature of this beach is its association with Indian military. Part of this beach is under the  defense research  and development organization. This place is a witness to the ever increasing power of Indian army, as one of the most important weapon firing range of the country lies here. Because of all these uniqueness, a vacation here is sure to give you an experience of life time.

Gopalpur beach

This beach is in Gopalpur, a coastal town in Ganjam district of Odisha and lies on the shore of Bay of Bengal. It is one of the best beaches in Odisha and is a very popular tourist destination. Moreover it is at a distance of only 15 Kms from Berhampur. Also it has a very interesting maritime history to boast of. Rulers of Kalinga (ancient name of Odisha) used this as a regular port for Seafarers. This port also played an important role during the Worldwar 1, when soldiers used to start there journey to Burma from here. As a matter of fact, Odisha saw its first ever modern hotel here , “The palm beach” in the year 1914. This beautiful beach along with casuarina trees and coconut groves in line makes an amazing sight for the onlookers.

Things to do

This place has several adventure activities for visiting tourists like scuba diving, wind surfing and  rowing etc.. Renowned scuba diver Mr. Shabbir Bux has set up a training facility to promote adventure activities and water sports at this place. Fun rides like water scooters and paddle boats are also available here. Like any other beaches in Odisha, Gopalpur beach is also famous for mouth watering sea-foods. Hence relish some local non-vegetarian cuisine to satisfy your taste buds. Also do not forget to visit the age old light house present here which is a major landmark of this place. Enjoy the stunning sight of entire Gopalpur town from the top of this light house.

Gopalpur Beach Festival: In order to boost tourism and culture of this place, the hotel association of Ganjam district organizes this festival annually. This has become a major event since 1996 and draws lot of visitors during this festival. Hence it is a must visit place for beach lovers as it has all the ingredients to be one of the best beaches in Odisha. 

Gahirmatha Beach

The location and uniqueness of this beautiful beach puts it in the category of special beaches. Gahirmatha  is not only famous in Odisha, but also in the world as it is the largest nesting ground of the rare “Olive Ridley Turtles”. This beach is along the shore of Bay of Bengal and lies in Kendrapada district of Odisha. Gahirmatha beach separates the Mangroves of Bhitarkanika and the Bay of Bengal. Moreover it is a one of it’s kind Marine wildlife sanctuary of the state. This beach is the largest breeding and nesting place for the rare “Olive Ridley turtles”. These sea turtles migrate thousands of kilometres from the coastal water of Srilanka to the coastal water of Gahirmatha numbering in millions. This phenomenon and rare site of turtles coming to the beach to mate and lay eggs not only amazes tourists but also scientists from world over.

Things to do

This spectacular site of migrating turtles attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. There are not many activities to do at this place. However boating is one of the favorite activities of tourists visiting this beach. Several accommodation options are available within close proximity of the beach for spending few days close to the beach. Also this place is a paradise for sea-food lovers. One can enjoy different sea food options available here which are mostly fresh catch of local fisherman’s. Hence enjoy few days of stay here and enjoy the local cuisine and cherish the experience for lifetime.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Lying at a distance of only three kilometres from the famous Sun temple of Konark, this beach needs no introduction. It is located in the district of Puri and is at a distance of only 30 Kilometres from the famous city of Puri. According to Hindu mythology, a bath at this beach can cure leprosy. Moreover this is the first beach in India to get the “Blue flag” certification. Chandrabhaga beach is famous for its mesmerizing sunset. On the other hand, it is a crucial asset for the tourism in Odisha and one of the most popular beaches in Odisha. 

 Things to do

Tourists here simply love to sit and watch the waves crashing to the shore or take a stroll on this long and clean beach. Moreover hundreds of stalls are available to purchase some local hand made and natural goodies. Visitors can purchase beautiful seashell handicrafts at a reasonable price. Also several eateries and restaurants are available here to satisfy your taste buds with some delicious local cuisine. One of the major events that takes place here in the month of February is the “Chandrabhaga mela”. This is one of the famous festivals for the people of Odisha. Thousands of visitors come here to take a holy bath here and then visit the Konark temple to worship the Sun God. This festival derives its name from the Holy river “Chandrabhaga”. Another major event is the “Annual sand art festival”. Tourism department of Odisha organizes this alongside the Konark dance festival.  


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