Anahat and Dakshina Kabata – The Mystery Caves Of Banki
Anahat and Dakhina Kabat Caves

Anahat and Dakshina Kabata – The Mystery Caves Of Banki

Banki is a small town set on the banks of river Mahanadi and is quite close to the city of Cuttack in the state of Odisha. In this post, we bring you the story of the Anahat and Dakshina Kabata caves.This town is already famous for its contribution to Odisha tourism with several interesting tourist spots. It is home to the famous “Charchika Temple” along with the beautiful “Ansupa Lake” and the “Chandaka elephant sanctuary”. It also boasts of many other interesting places like Arachandi Temple, Maa Bramhei Temple of Sahadapada Village, Sunadei Hill, Kalika Prasad, Devi Dwara of Gayal Bank, Bhagabat Goswami Temple Bilipada, Akhandeswar the Lord Shiva temple (Chakapada) and Maa Ratneswari temple in Harirajpur village. 

Banki is abundantly gifted by nature with lush green forests and beautiful hills. It has several places of interest for adventure lovers as well. Here we bring you the story of ancient Anahat and Dakshina Kabata caves.

Anahat and Dakshina Kabata Caves

Ancient cave at BankiCaves of Anahat and Dakshina Kabat lie close to Kusapangi Village on the outskirts of Chandaka sanctuary. It is at a distance of only 34 Kms from the city of Cuttack. Three ancient caves lie on the north of the village on a hilltop. These caves are locally known as the Anahat Cave, The Dakshina Kabat cave and the Rameswar Cave.
Entrance of dakhina kabata caves of BankiStudies done at this place confirm that, civilization existed around the villages of Kusapangi and Gayalbanki areas around 4000 years ago. The artworks which are quite clear in the cave walls prove this theory. The art works found in the cave are believed to be from the stone age and the copper age.

Myths and believes

According to locals, the pandavas resided at these caves during their exile period. Hence one of the caves has been named as “Pandava Bakhara”. Locals also say that, they hear the chanting of Vedic slokas during night time. There are three tunnels within these caves believed to be linking to Puri, Olashuni in Jajpur and Khandagiri in Bhubaneswar. Although no one has ever measured these tunnels till date.

Hills at Kusapangi village are where the Anahat and Dakshina Kabat caves are located
These caves are located at a height of approx 300 meters above the ground level are surrounded with lush green forest. As this place connects to the Chandaka Sanctuary, wild animals like elephant and deers are also seen here. The road leading to the cave is quite slippery and rocky. Hence reaching the caves will not be easy. The path is full of thorny bushes and uneven rocks. Adjacent to the hills, a lake can be seen which is believed to be the main water resource for the ancient civilization at this place.

Rameswar temple

Here a  small temple of lord Rameswar can be seen built by the Saint living here with the help of the villagers. According to the saint, the Anahat and Dakshina Kabata caves were the residing place of several monks during the ancient period. Lord Rama, Lakshman and Sita are the presiding deity of this temple. Yajnas are held at this temple every year and this is the time when this place sees footfall. 

Reaching the caves of Anahat and Dakshina Kabat can be difficult and adventures as well due to the rocky and slippery path leading to these caves. On the otherhand, adventure lovers are sure to love this challenge.

Rameswar Temple made of Mud and Bamboos
Rameswar Temple

How to reach

The Anahata and the Dakshina Kabata caves are located at a distance of 34 Kilometers from Cuttack and can be reached by taking the Cittack-Banki road. The nearest village to this place is the Kusapangi village. The road until the caves is in quite good condition. However one has to walk the last 200-300 meters to reach the cave. It is advisable to travel with personal vehicle to enjoy the scenic beauty enroute to the cave. 

Nearby Attractions

 The famous “Charchika temple” lies at a distance of 16 Kilometers from this place and the beautiful Ansupa Lake is located at a distance of about 10 Kilometers. One can easily add both these places in the itinerary to enjoy a complete day trip of Banki.

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